Sunday, August 17, 2014

A reboot for 2014

I’m embarrassed to see that it is almost two years since this site has been active. There have been dozens of posts on the CRoC Facebook site, and one supplement to Cities appearing as Current Research on Cities (Volume 32 S1). But, nothing here.
In part, this was due to personal circumstances that kept me away from my desk on numerous pilgrimages, although the last of these concluded at the end of 2013. In part it has been due to an unusual writing schedule, that has resulted in several papers that were published almost immediately so that it seemed pointless to reproduce them here.
There is also the question of whether this format has any merit in a technological moment that skews towards short-form posts. I have much savvier colleagues who have dumped their blogs entirely.
So, I plan to experiment once more but with shorter posts, that are more frequent and hopefully more informative. My choice of topic with which to resume will not, I hope, be a model for the future, but it is something I felt strongly about and this is an appropriate place to say what I wanted to say.   
Welcome back!  

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